Starbucks Coffee Co.Designed/Produced

  • Blown Glass Drink ware
  • Galvanized Floral Vases
  • Mugs
  • Candlesticks

Ralph Lauren - Designed/Produced

  • Blown Glass Tabletop Serve ware
  • Drinkware
  • Rustic Furniture

Calvin Klein - Designed/Produced

  • Blown Glass Products for home

Beatles/Apple Corps. Inc.Designed/Produced

  • Commemorative art program celebrating the re-release of Yellow Submarine

The Walt Disney Company created Limited Edition Signature Glass and Sculpture Pieces for the Gallery division that expanded to 500+ Disney Galleries.

The Disney Stores. Developed and produced a book of products from drink ware to jewelry.


Disney Consumer Products Award a freeform glass sculpture given to those of merit and dedication to the organization.

The Disney Theme Parks Created Limited Edition Consumer Products 


  • One of a Kind Art Piece

Disney Imagineering 

  • Architectural Works for Disney Hotels and Restaurants 
  • Installations for Encounter at LAX International 

Granted rights to Disney License for Production/Sourcing of gallery style product for distribution to galleries and collectable markets

Warner Bros.Designed/Produced artworks for Gallery Collections

for C.O.A.C.H. at Cedars Sinai which was bestowed upon Rob Lowe. A freeform carved and decorated original sculpture.

Crate and Barrel - Designed/Produced

  • Blown Glass Tabletop Serve ware

Collaborative Artist Projects Transformed various artists’ works into Architectural as well as Limited Edition Gallery pieces


Peter Max

Abdullah Muharaggi

R.C. Gorman

Amadio Pena

Rance Hood

Christopher Radko

Frank Howell

David Dodsworth
Csaba Markus

Partial Architectural Works Listing

♣ Nelson Rockefeller Foundation

♣ Burj Khalifa 

♣ Steigenberger Hotel-Berlin

♣ Movenpick-Amsterdam

♣ Royal Caribbean International

♣ Hapuna Prince-Hawaii

♣ Sheraton Waikoloa-Hawaii

♣ Dubai Airport

♣ Dubai Metro

♣ Abu Dhabi Airport

♣ Al Maha Desert Resort

♣ Atlantis

♣ Kempinski

♣ Holiday Inn Dubai

♣ Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

♣ Etihad Towers

♣ Royal Meridien

♣ Dubai Mall-numerous locations

♣ Versace Hotel

♣ Emirates Tower

♣ Crowne Plaza

♣ Burj Al Arab

♣ Armani Hotel

♣ Multiple Palaces and Villas

♣ Burj Khalifa


♣ Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi

♣ Public Art Along Abu Dhabi Corniche

Partial Commissioned and Recipient List 

♣ Hank Greenburg

♣ Reggie Jackson

♣ Rod Carew

♣ Johnny Mathis

♣ Rod Stewart

♣ Goldie Hawn

♣ Johnny Carson

♣ Rob Lowe

♣ Julie Andrews

♣ Harold Robbins

♣ Jerry & Ann Moss

♣ Patrick & Lisa Swayze

♣ Kay Lenz

♣ Barbara Streisand

♣ James Remar

Production and Sourcing of materials and products for importing to the U.S. Market

  • Products include: Pottery, Flooring, Wall and Roof Tile, Etc.
  • Building / Garden Material Customer List Includes but not limited to

Home Building & Shopping Centers

  • Home Depot. Custom art pottery products in stores nationwide. 
  • Lowes
  • Orchard Supply
  • Armstrong Nursery
  • Pikes Nursery
  • Star Nursery

Albertson’s/Savon - Designed/Produced

  • Glass Floral Vases
  • Garden Pottery Products

Mexico IMPORT - Beach Pebble, Roof Tile, Wrought Iron  and Tiles supplies to 200+ Building Material Yards.

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